Article 1: Definitions

    1. The following definitions apply to these general terms:
      a – Event: a fun run, which is organized by Aramco and EPICinderunning, namely the Aramco Beach Run 2018.
      b – Participant: the natural person, not acting as an entrepreneur, who has registered to participate in the event, in a manner permitted by the Organiser.
      c – Agreement: the agreement relating to participant’s participation in the Event.
      d – Organizer: the entity with which the Participant has entered into an Agreement.
    2. These general terms conditions apply to all Agreements.

 Article 2: Participation

    1. Only individuals who have reached at least the minimum age set by the Organiser are allowed to participate in the Event.
    2. The Participant may only take part in the Event provided that he or she has completed the appropriate registration form fully and truthfully, the registration fee is paid in full and the participant agrees with the general terms and conditions.
    3. The Participant shall personally take part in the Event. In other words, it is not allowed to have another person participate in the Event on behalf of the Participant.
    4. The Participant is not allowed to transfer their rights from the Agreement to a third party without written consent from the Organisor.
    5. In the event a Participant is unable to participate in the Event, the registration fee paid will not be refunded. Also in the event the distance for which a Participant has registered is changed, the registration fee, or part thereof, will not be refunded. If an ordered T-shirt is not picked up by the day of the Event, each right of the Participant expire on that shirt. Any other payments under the Agreement will also not be refunded.
    6. The Organiser may, under exceptional circumstances decide to cancel the Event. In that case there will be a refund of the entry fee, if and to the extent covered under the Organiser event insurance and with deduction of the administration costs. This deduction is € € 2.50 for the 1 km Kids Run and € 5, – for the 5 km Run and 10K Run.
    7. Under exceptional circumstances, the Organiser may decide to prematurely end, postpone or neutralise the Event. Under the same exceptional circumstances, the Organiser may also decide to change the route or the distance to be run. In such cases, no refund of the registration fee will be made. The final two complete sentences of paragraph 6 are also applicable here.
    8. A decision by the Organiser to cancel the Event will not result in any liability for reimbursement of the costs incurred by the Participant.