Our citizenship

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As Aramco, we are interconnected with the people in the societies where we operate. We have worked hard to garner the trust and support we enjoy in communities in the Kingdom and around the world.  


Our community outreach program seek to motivate people to become more active and engaged members of their communities. We strive to raise awareness of impactful issues, inspiring citizens to make positive contributions to advance progress, whether by leading a healthy lifestyle, conserving energy and water, or helping the less fortunate.


We concentrate our efforts on helping develop the next generation of innovators by focussing on the development of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) skills in  societies’ youth, laying the foundations for a more innovative and prosperous planet.


We are engaged in promoting the reduction of energy intensity by advocating responsible policies, public education, and energy innovation. Protection and preservation of our natural environment for future generations is vital to our success.