Juliana Children’s Hospital (JKZ)
The Juliana Children’s Hospital (JKZ) or Juliana Kinderziekenhuis in Dutch, is one of seven children’s hospitals in the Netherlands. Here, children and their parents can access optimal care that is focused on the child. The Haga Juliana Birth Center is also part of JKZ. This center delivers all care related to pregnancy and birth.
Almost all specialisms for children are represented at Juliana Children’s Hospital. Each year more than 50,000 children visit the outpatient clinics, 5,400 children receive day treatment and 4,500 children are admitted.
In addition, children receive 24/7 emergency care at what is currently the Netherland’s largest child emergency unit (16,000 children per year).

Engaging and relaxing
In JKZ all caregivers are specially trained to care for children. Helping to relax and keep a sick child engaged plays an important role in this. The child-friendly design of the hospital is part of this approach.
Dimmable colored light, wall illustrations, play objects and projections influence the experience of the sick child, so that it experiences less pain and anxiety and feels more comfortable.

Neonatology: Over 500 babies a year admitted
As in 2017, all donations from the Aramco Beach Run will go to the neonatology department this year. Every year, more than 500 babies are admitted to the Neonatology department who need extra care immediately or shortly after birth. This is often because they were born prematurely or because the newborn has problems after birth because of an infection or birth trauma.
The Neonatology department of the Juliana Children’s Hospital is part of the Haga Juliana Birth Center together with the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, 17 obstetrics practices and the Birth Hotel Haga.

Friends of the Juliana Children’s Hospital
The foundation Friends of the Juliana Children’s Hospital’s main goal is to make the children’s stay in the hospital as pleasant as possible. Projects that are not eligible for funding via normal the hospital’s normal care budget are funded in this way.