The Juliana Children’s Hospital is one of the Netherland’s leading paediatrics hospitals with 4,500 children hospitalized and over 45,000 children treated. This instituation is well respected around the Country, with pediatricians from JKZ nominated as the best in the Netherlands due to the innovative solutions provide to child care.

The hospital’s charity fund is called Friends of the Juliana Children’s Hospital Foundation, which aim to make the hospital experience as pleasant as possible for both children and their families. You can see the newly designed children’s hospital, which was also nominated in a 2016 design award for its child-friendly environment.

JKZ has been named as the Aramco Beach Run charity for both the research into childhood respiratory illness and its committment to making a visit to the hospital a magical expericence. As one of the most well know paediatric hospitals in the Country, the hospital has treated thousands of children from around the Country, including those of our own Aramco employees.

All donations and a percentage of the registration fees raised by the Aramco Beach Run will be donated directly to this The Juliana Children’s Hosptial to help it continue to improve the lives of sick children.