Aramco Beach Run 2019 Results

5km Fastest Times

00:21:01 | Folkert Brolsma

00:21:19 | Barry Malone

00:22:51 | Melvin Klok

10km Fastest Times

00:45:37 | Björn Linzer

00:46:01 | Christopher Bailey

00:48:31 | Rik van Leeuwen

15km Fastest Times

00:57:28 | Issak Berhane Gebreyesus

01:05:31 | Marek Nieslon

01:07:38 | Jonathan den den Boer

Dennis Weening visits JKZ

Here’s what are we doing with your contribution towards the Aramco Beach Run… Take a look as Dennis Weening goes behind the scenes at the Juliana Children’s Hospital.


A Day With Beach Run Ambassador, Sergio

Our beach run ambassador Sergio visits the Aramco offices in The Hague.


Memories from 2019

Supporting JKZ

This year’s run will once again support Juliana Children’s Hospital (JKZ), and the vital care it provides for children across the Netherlands. Every penny raised will go towards the hospital and the needs of its patients, in particular specialist equipment to improve pediatric care in the radiology department. With the funds raised, the hospital will purchase a tailor made ‘thorax tripod’, a device that helps children under the age of four make x-rays of the lungs and heart. Without this equipment, young children are exposed to unnecessary radiation. This year, with your help, we hope to raise more than ever. #localheroes


Beach Run 2018

  • Over 1,600 runners
  • 4,000 participants in total
  • Raising over €32K in donations
  • Joined by 8 corporate partners